Thursday 25 July 2013

The wedding and baseline check.

I'm noticing a connection to my life and this blog.  And while I hate to admit it, I only really seem to have the desire to post when something heavy is laying on my heart.   When I'm feeling good it's when things are busy.  The two are not unrelated I'm sure.  But today is different folks.

The wedding has come and gone.  D & I secretly had an over/under bet going on how many major dramatic events might happen between members of the wedding party in the few days leading up to the wedding and on the wedding day  there would be.   A dramatic event would be something along the lines of a fight, tears, fiasco, things like that.  The number we settled on for the over/under was 10.  (Now, what does that number say about them? Haha)

We both made our bets.  And over won! Afterwards, D says he took over.  But I thought I did too.  I think we had a miscommunication, but don't care because to me it's still funny. 

Some of the dramatic events were things like when the mother of the bride brought the wedding cake for the bride to see the night before the wedding.  The bride got upset and locked herself in her room for an hour, after which the groom and the maid of honour had to come over to straighten things out.   She ordered the cake a week before from a lady known to the family who was not in the business of making wedding cakes.   What she got kind of looked like what you might expect from that type of scenario.  A nice looking homemade cake, but nothing spectacular. 

When the dramatic events unfolded I did my best to help smooth things over, or I just kept my mouth shut depending on the situation.  I told my self "not my wedding" to avoid getting annoyed and all was well.  It was a lot more fun that way.

I decided to forget about all of the drama, and the infertility treatment and just enjoy the process of getting all dolled up.  I pretended that I was going to prom for 30 year olds.  I got my hair and make up done, toes and fingers.  Ooh, and I even some fake eyelashes for the wedding which was fun too.  

The party part of the wedding was lots of fun, and I really had a nice time.  Best of all I knew that all of our commitments for this wedding were over - yay! 

Now, a couple of weeks later, time has flown by and I have already started my next cycle.  I went for baseline supression check and to my amazement the cyst was gone!!! Yay!!! Happy dance.   My blood work came in where they wanted it which means that I AM GOING TO COLORADO FOLKS!!! 

I'm super pumped about this and I'm trying not to let myself think any negative thoughts about if this doesn't work.  I'm sure there will be plenty of time to feel bad about things later if it doesn't go well. 

My aunt was going to travel with me but unfortunately had an unexpected medical problem to help my Grandmother with.   After having a nice long chat with my other grandmother (the one who lost her husband this spring), I thought that it might be a nice thing for the two of us to do together.  So I asked her to come with me.  I was a little hesitant about what it might be like, but decided to just ask her and hope for the best.   She couldn't go, but my Mom tells me that she was tickled by it and it made her day to be asked. 

I asked a friend to come, but she was busy.  Then I asked my sister.  I knew she had some plans, but thought "ah, what the heck".  And she said yes!!!  We decided that we should also include my other sister.  While I thought for sure she wouldn't be able to go because she is taking a course, it turns out that she is free to and is going to go! 

It has all worked out fantastically, and I'm super excited about it now.  My sisters are coming for the first 6 days.  D will stay home and work.  Then my sisters will fly out and D will fly in all on the same day.  

We'll get to do a few day trips that are close by to the clinic in our rental car.  For any of you who have been there, I'd love to hear what you enjoyed doing near the Denver/Lonetree area?  I know for sure I would like to go see the Garden of the Gods. 

I won't be able to update easily while I'm gone but will fill you all in when I get back! 


PS) There is a small chance that this cycle could still get canceled on Friday when I have my last u/s and blood before I go to CO - please think positive thoughts for me on this! Although at this point with all of the flights booked for my sisters I think I'm going either way!