CCRM - Our Experience

Disclaimer - Everyone's experience is likely going to be different, due to different diagnoses, different doctors, different previous medical experiences etc.   This is based on my personal experiences to date with CCRM, and Dr. Schoolcraft. 

1.  Top quality lab.  When asked during our first consult what is the biggest differentiating factor between CCRM and other clinics, Dr. Schoolcraft's answer was their lab. 
2.  Advanced CCS testing - This is huge factor in what helps their success rates look so great on SART.  Most of the time (I think it's 80%) they are transferring only chromosomally normal embryos. 
3.  CCRM is a really professional and smooth running operation.  
4.  You have have things like acupuncture done right in the transfer room. 
5.  The staff are very professional. 
6.  Once you complete your one day work up (ODWU), your doctor will have a very thorough picture of your infertility situation.  See Con #3. 
7.  Great ratings. 

1. Cost.  You get billed for every little thing.  You always have your credit card out when you are there.  There is no prompt pay discount if you are paying out of pocket.  It is expensive.  Sometimes extra costs pop up for additional blood work etc.  Some testing is only good for a year, and then it has to be repeated. 
2.  For me, I had to travel a great distance, incurring greater expenses because of time off work and hotels etc.   
3.  Your one day work up (which costs about $4000) will likely include repeating tests you have had once, or several times before.  This is so they can get the most accurate results, but adds to your expense.  

Dr. Schoolcraft
1.  He's polite and to the point. 
2.  He doesn't sugar coat things. 
3.  He's got the stats to back him up, and he knows his stuff.  Decisions and opinions are based on research.
4.  He's a well published researcher. 

1.  If you have Dr. S, you rarely talk to him directly.   In an IVF cycle, you will likely only talk to him once.  You always communicate through a nurse.  This gets annoying because one answered question often leads to another, and then the nurse has to go back and ask again.    Other doctors at this clinic do not operate this way.  You can pay to have a "regroup"at any time, for approximately $300.  If you have a failed cycle he will regroup for no additional cost.     It is difficult to schedule appointments with him because he is very busy. 
2.  There will be very little, if any hand holding from this doctor.   When you do meet with him, he is a very cool cucumber.  
3.  You will often have another doctor doing your procedures.  I think all the doctors are good, so I didn't have a problem with this. 

The nursing and other professional teams
1.  They are nice and professional.  You are supposed to have the same nurse most of the time.  Each doctor has their own nurses assigned to them.  I talked to different nurses other than my primary nurse 40% of the time.  
2.  Really thorough genetics professionals. 
3.  They have classes for IVF and CCS.  They are informative and you can learn from the other people in your class.   The one thing they tell you in this class is to not read blogs, haha! 

1.  The nurses don't answer the phone.  You almost always have to leave a message. 
2.  Some nurses will let you email, others will not. 
3.  The email system they use is a secured system.  It's archaic and frustrating to use. 
4.  Nurses aren't perfect.  You still have to remind them about your personal situation from time to time, and stay on top of things. 

Feel free to add your experiences with CCRM or questions below.  

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