Sunday, 5 October 2014

What a weekend.

My heart is full.

We had a surprise hour long phone call with Carla. She's so genuinely lovely. So sincere. So great. I love her. She's feeling much better and we are happy for her.

Then, shopping and buying things for the baby and setting up the nursery. Every package I opened, i had a tinge of "maybe I shouldn't in case this has to go back", but I took the plunge and did it anyways. When I see the baby stuff in our house, I can't believe it's real.  I love looking at it all.

My BF and MIL planned a surprise shower for us today.  It was just our closest friends and and family. It was perfect.  No games, just good company, yummy food and lovely gifts.

We also spent time with Lainey, Paul and their infant daughter. We ate an apple tart that I made and enjoyed hearing about their parenting & adoption experiences and snuggling with their daughter (and their cuddly cats too!).

I'm savouring this moment. I am so grateful to Carla. Because of her, and her choices and sacrifices the world is a sweeter place.


  1. It makes me soo happy to read this :)

  2. Yay! This makes me SO happy! It's finally your time, Julia. ENJOY!

  3. So happy to hear Caria is doing well! I have been praying for her and for you so much!

  4. So happy that things are going better for Carla!

  5. The gratitude you feel towards another human being who helps make your dreams come true is so incredible! How you feel towards Carla is probably similar to how I feel about K (our egg donor).


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