Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Oh man.

Last night we got a call from the donor agency and they told us that our donor tested positive for an FDA regulated test, and would not be allowed to proceed with a cycle.   CCRM helped fill in the blanks today, and told us more specifically that she tested positive for syphilis.

We didn't see this coming.  She has already donated two times.

The donor agency will not charge us a fee for this, however we've burned the cost of the one day work up for the donor.  I don't know the exact cost of this, but I think it was around $4000.

I really loved everything about the donor we selected.  She was smart, musical, beautiful, had a resemblance to me and I loved what she wrote in the profile.  And, she was eager and willing to have contact with us in the future.

I'm feeling so thankful for the testing done, protecting me and our child from this.  I'm also feeling bad for the donor.  I bet that wasn't the news she was hoping for either.   But more so, I'm feeling bad for us.  More months wasted, more money down the drain.   Seriously.


  1. what a bummer. I am really sorry to hear this. Definitely not a road block you ever expect! That being said, syphilis is curable with a short course of antibiotics. Any chance you can still work with her after her treatment? As you know, its not easy to find a donor you like!

  2. I am so sorry. Not what I would have expected to hear either. I know how hard it is to find the right donor. I hope that this delay does not set you back long and that you can find a new donor quickly in order to move on.

  3. Jesus H!! The hits just don't seem to ever stop! Absolutely horrible...I hope you guys can rebound quickly with a new donor.

  4. Oh no! That's terrible news. I hope you can find another donor, even after this shock.

  5. Oh that completely sucks!! Could you still use her? Either way you are now delayed...which once again really SUCKS!!

  6. Wow. That is not something you would ever expect. Sorry you are dealing with another setback.


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