Sunday, 22 June 2014

My cat is missing

We're still at our cottage. It's been wonderful, until now. 

Two nights ago we had a big party for my cousin's 30th birthday. A few people spent the night. Somehow, between 2 and 6 am, while we were sleeping, our 21lb, 8 year old indoor cat got out of the house and has not returned.  Shit. 

We've done a lot to find him. All with out any luck. He was spotted about a mile from our home, headed in the direction of our primary residence. 

He's a great pet, and D's baby. D is a HUGE animal lover. He rides shotgun with D at work in his home office. D has been extremely emotionally distraught, even having anxiety attacks last night. He doesn't need anymore loss.  Not now. 

Any ideas on how to find him? We've put up tons of posters with a reward offer.  We have thouroughly canvassed the area, several times, day and night. My dad took a four wheeler through the bush.  Friends have drove around searching.  We've called humane societies and posted in several lost & found places online. 


  1. How far is your primary resistance from your house? I once had a cat run away only to show up at my home a month later. Cats are instinctive. Maybe he wanted to go home?

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this. Hopefully he's headed home, as Infertile625 mentioned. Is he microchipped by any chance? If he gets hungry or needs shelter he might get picked up by someone who will bring him to a vet or a humane society. In the meantime, could you try social media? I know lots of people who have posted lost pets on Facebook and it ends up getting circulated through the area so that strangers know to be on the lookout. I hope you find him!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this! Hoping you will find him.


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