Monday, 3 October 2016

Holy crap

Is anyone still out there? 

I have some crazy news that I'm not sharing with many people in real life. 

I'm pregnant. 



I thought I was in menopause...seriously. But after feeling tired and grouchy for a while, hubs suggested that I take an HPT. I serious thought I eas having a variety of perimenopausal symptoms.  

I went to a clinic and my HCG was 87,000. 

I am waiting on my doctor's appointment this Wednesday to see if there is an actual live baby inside me. 

After my history, I'm really not getting my hopes up. 

But really, if this does end up working out?!? It's nuts. I only found out last week, and if my calculations are right, I could be 15 weeks along. 

Cue my brain wanting to explode, and needing to get it out somewhere. 

Ps) My pumpkin's amazing & going to be two very soon! 


  1. OMG Julia! Fingers crossed for you!

  2. wow!! Hoping for more good & exciting news!

  3. AMAZING News!!! Keep us updated.

  4. Oh wow Julia!
    Hoping for excellent news at your appointment.

  5. Shut up!!! I love this!! Sending a gazillion good thoughts your way and I can't wait to hear how tomorrow goes!! Gotta love a good wtf miracle pregnancy!!!

  6. WHAT?!?! This is incredible. Please let us know the second your appointment finishes tomorrow. So cautiously excited for you.

  7. Wow! That is great news! Fingers crossed that you get good news at your appointment!

  8. Shut up! This is AMAZING! Cannot wait for an update. Like really, do not make me wait.

  9. WHAT!!!! Oh I can't wait to hear how your appointment goes. This is truly remarkable.

  10. WOW! Amazing...that's really awesome! I hope the appointment goes incredibly well. 87,000? THat's a ginormous number! Congrats in the moment!

  11. Oh DEAR GOD PLEASE!!! HOw freaking amazing!! I can't believe it!!!! I am so hopeful for you on this!!!! Xxxoo

  12. I keep checking to see how your appointment went!


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