Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Beta #2

I hit publish, and then the clinic called.

It's going to be a celebration cake!! 383!!! That's just over doubling.

She said that for some reason my satellite clinic also tested my estrogen and progesterone, when they didn't ask for it.

My estrogen is 790 and my progesterone is 14.7.  Two days ago, my estrogen was 884 and my progesterone was 18.8.  I'm on PIO (progesterone in oil) every other day, and 3 Endometrin daily.

She said they want my progesterone over 15, but she thought maybe it was lower because of my PIO shot is due tonight.   But my PIO was on the same timeline two days ago when I had my first beta.  So, that, on top of the cramping I've been getting (even though I'm told it's normal) makes me nervous.

I asked her if I could take more progesterone? She agreed, it wouldn't hurt.  The only risk is discomfort, she said.  So, my butt can thank me that I'm increasing my PIO shots to 1cc every day  (and continuing my 3 Endometrin morning, mid afternoon and at bedtime).  

The nurse wanted to know when I could go in for more blood work next week?  I asked for Monday because I want to have the soonest appointment in case there is something wrong with my progesterone levels.  However, on second thought,  I'm wondering if I should have asked to go back in Friday instead?  I'm not sure if that's overkill, or if I even care if it's overkill.

For once, I'm really glad the local clinic messed up.  Phew!

On Monday, they won't check my HCG again, just my estrogen and progesterone.  She said all that matters is that they see a rising pattern once with the HCG.

Then, sometime after March 27th, I will have an ultrasound for a heartbeat, embryo location, number size etc.



  1. Hooray! Super fabulous second beta! I know it's essentially zero help in the midst of the waiting, but I had an RE who said progesterone was known to rise and fall throughout the day slightly. When they the P4 of women multiple times throughout the day, it appeared to peak and fall and rise again multiple times... so maybe this has nothing to do with the embryo or the PIO shots, but rather the time of day, or how long you had been awake, or since you ate or 100 other things. I'd go with the extra shots too though... it can't hurt... well, I guess it can hurt, but not the baby! So happy for you!

  2. Congrats on doubling. I was reminded today that any vaginal suppositories don't show up in blood work so that is something to consider.

    Yay!!! Still waiting on mine :(

  3. Celebration cake!! Wonderful!
    I get to do 1.5cc PIO daily (seems to be my clinic's default for FETs), and it is decidedly getting uncomfortable, but if that's what it takes, no problem.

  4. Congrats! My progestone was 19 this cycle. I was a little worried but I just kept doing the nightly shot and it all worked out

  5. Holy crap Julia, you are really pregnant! I'm so happy for you!

  6. That's so awesome. I'm so happy for you. This is just the best news!

  7. wonderful news!

    my betas were never giantly high, and they never really did anything more than double... yet, two RLB's from frozen CCS normal CCRM-made embryos.

    good call on the PIO... get checked as much as you need to and can afford to! the time is now!

    congratulations on getting to today!

  8. Congrats!!! Soo exciting!! Wishing you the best!!

  9. SO happy for you!!! Congratulations. xoxox


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