Friday, 23 November 2012

Tubal ligation to treat infertility

Something has me thinking, and worried from our last two consults.  Both doctors suggested that there could be disease in my fallopian tubes that could be spewing liquid embryo poison into my uterus.  The only solution to this would be to tie or remove my tubes.   It could be the reason why I've had two early miscarriages, or a contributing factor to why some of the other five other FETs did not achieve implantation.

I had an HSG three years ago and it found that my left fallopian tube was squiggly and could have been blocked.  So, the chances of Dr. Schoolie finding at least one tube being blocked is very likely.

Both options are essentially the same in my mind.  No tubes, or tied tubes equals absolute zero chance of conceiving on our own.   I'm not oblivious to reality, my ovulation is highly sporadic, and likely with poor quality eggs. D has very few swimmers.  However, I like to pretend that a miracle can happen.   Maybe not a miracle now, but a miracle after a miracle IVF.  I know it's a sounds silly even thinking this way.  And greedy.

This post captures some of my sentiments.

Basically, I do believe that hormonally, pregnancy changes your body.  My last RE even said so, he said to try for one baby (with donor egg), and then try for a a baby with our own eggs if we still wanted to.   He said pregnancy changes the body.  I'm not sure his opinion was based on any scientific fact, but it makes sense in my mind.  Does it make sense to you?

And I should say, yes, I reallllllly hate the myths and stupid crap people have said to us about "just relaxing" to have a baby etc.  That goes without saying.

Maybe I shouldn't worry about this decision yet, because it's not one we've been asked to deal with.  However, the other part of me wants to be prepared.  The worst seems to happen to us in this journey, repeatedly.

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