Monday, 26 November 2012

My mommy-card

I have this friend who is a really great Mommy, her name is Megan.  You'll just have to trust me on this one.  She has two gorgeous little girls.  The youngest is only a few months old.  A couple of weeks ago,  the precious little one pooped herself almost right out of her jam-jams.  A late night clean up ensued, which resulted in Megan holding a stinky diaper with one hand and a clean, but now very slippery baby in the other.   Something terrible happened, and the baby slipped out of her arms and landed on it's head.  Gulp.

Fast-forward a few days.  Everything seemed fine, but the baby still had a very large goose-egg on the back of her head.  So Megan called me to come over and watch her 2 year old while she took the baby to the hospital.  Thankfully, the doctors tested the baby and said that she was fine.

I could tell that she felt worried, stressed, terrible and embarrassed that this had happened.   I would too.  I felt bad just thinking about how she must feel.  She kept saying that "her Mommy-card should be revoked".   I tried my best to console her.

While I was still there, she called her mother to tell her what had happened.  Her mother is not always the most supportive person, and Megan has struggled in her relationship with her over the years.  In their discussion, she mentioned the same thing to her mom about her mommy-card.   Her mother, who has raised 4 children quickly responded, "No honey. You just earned your mommy-card".

I thought it was a wonderful thing to say.  I wish I could have said it.

It got me thinking about my mommy-card.  I hope it's just stuck in the postal system somewhere, about to get sent on its way.

PS) Colorado here we come! We are travelling tomorrow! I'll post when I return.  Hoping and praying for some good news :)

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