Friday, 8 February 2013

CD2 Labs

My CD2 labs are:

Estrodiol 302
Progesterone 0.4

I guess that means the cyst is an estrogen producing one.  I looked back at my last IVF labs.  On CD3 My Estrodiol was 3.5 and my Progesterone was 0.2.

They didn't ask for my FSH or LH to be run this time.  Weird.

I'm waiting for a call back from Colorado, to see what this means.


  1. uggh.

    its going to postpone or cancel you.
    you don't really want to aspirate it- it can be done, but it isn't the best way to start.

    the dumb thing has to go away on its own, which it will, and you have to start over. this has happened to me more than once. lots of tears involved! i possibly recall leaving CCRM's lobby in hysterics because we we all ready to go, and then this cyst!!

    but you will get there. you don't want to waste the effort and money on this if all the right components are not in place. i hope they can give you good guidance.

    thinking of you and reading along.

  2. hi is me again, anonymous.

    i just wanted to add...
    i sounded so authoratative in my comment. i didn't mean to, but i have a little experience in this, surprise cysts at supression checks (*shudder*, ptsd just thinking about it).

    they may offer a different plan, what do i know. i was just trying to prepare you for the worst case scenario. like i said, i got cancelled, and we had to wait out a cd1, and start all over again. big sigh. i know you have your stims and are all ready to go out there, so, well, i just wanted to tell you that this has happened to me- once before travel and once after.

    my emotional reaction was very deep to being cancelled at a supression check. one of the lowest lows. i mean, you are so close, and ready, it is the worst time to get sidelined. but, like i said, if you do get cancelled, deep breath, it is for the best. they don't want to go thru all of the prep and the costly stims to have it go down the drain. we got cancelled in late june, and finally had a retrieval in september. a good retrieval, better than my local clinic. CCRM is good. you are in good hands there. cysts happen, even to people with 16 good supression checks. they just do.

    keep posting, i am reading along... i am sure there are many people reading along. and jeez, maybe i am totally wrong. i hope so!

    1. Nope... you were right. Going to write a post about it.


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