Thursday, 23 January 2014

Nurse Reassurance

I talked to my nurse yesterday about how late my cycle is.  I was upfront with her that I was just worrying, and needed her reassurance.   She was very kind and gentle.

She told me about how my medications would be adjusted (no vivelle or change in leuprolide until a certain number of days after my period starts).

She told me it takes some women 10 days to get a period after stopping the progesterone.  That made me feel better too.

Most importantly, she told me that it wouldn't  affect my lining or next month's cycle in any way.  Deep down I think I knew this, but I needed to hear it from her.   She also told me that it's ok to call if I'm feeling worried.   I won't pester them with this.  Seriously- my anxiety is enough to drive me (and probably hubby) crazy, I don't need to drive them crazy too.  Just her saying those words was nice to hear and did the trick for me.

For the time being, D has forgotten about the pregnancy test too.  So, I guess this helped him too.

We will continue to wait.

PS)  Is anyone else in a cold climate and starting to feel a little stir crazy from all of this weather this winter?  Yesterday D and I wanted to get out for a walk but it was just too cold!   With doctor's orders to keep my heart rate below 140, I don't know what else to do for exercise when the outdoors are unfriendly.   Anyone have any suggestions?


  1. It's freezing where I am. It seems for the past two weeks we have had a constant wind chill warning. Brrr! Is there a gym you could go to? I've been walking on a treadmill at the gym to get some light exercise in. I know this isn't fun at all, but cleaning the house is a light form of exercise. Or what about doing yoga? You can find some videos on YouTube to follow along with. Hope this helps...stay warm!

    1. I've found some great yoga videos on YouTube. Have to second the call for cleaning the house. It's no fun but, with a good playlist on, it's better than nothing.

  2. The cold is killing me here. I have exercise DVDs I do in the basement, maybe you could find something nice and low impact? You can possibly even find stuff online, if you have the room in your place.

  3. I'm ready for this winter to leave and take all of it's snow with it. OVER it. I agree with everyone else, maybe a good yoga or cardio dvd at home?

    I'm so glad your nurse calmed your fears. My DE nurse at CCRM is also kind and gentle, I wonder if we have the same one! So grateful for that on some days when I'm ready to go off the deep end of crazy. I hope you're cycle day 1 is right around the corner.


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