Sunday, 21 October 2012

Post consult decisions

We had our post-consult with our current doctor last week.  I'll call him Dr. Michael.  I appreciate what he has done for us in the past.  He helped us make 11 eggs and transfer 6 embryos when two other doctors said we wouldn't create any.   That in itself we feel like was a miracle.

But now I feel like he's guessing.  And I have limited tries at this left.  D is ready to throw the towel in on the fertility front and move into adoption.  He's tired of the pain and heartache.  He just wants a family and he doesn't care how it comes.  He respects my desire to want to carry a pregnancy and so he's prepared to give it one more go with CCRM for me.  It's a lot of pressure.

Going into this meeting, I felt like our options were all over the place:
1. Donor eggs (but I don't like that there is limited or no contact with the donor, to be discussed at another time).
2. Gestational carrier - my best friend offered, and it was a sincere offer I think.  We could take my body out of the equation.
3.  IVF with our own gametes and my body.
4.  Surrogacy where the person donates their eggs.
5. Donor sperm

Dr. Michael said he doesn't know why something hasn't worked yet.  He said it should have worked by now.  That there must be something else going on.  He told us that he would like to repeat some of D's hormone tests as they were done years before.  He said that sperm quality is now thought to be a larger contributing factor to embryo quality than it was previously believed to be.   He also wants to repeat my hysterosalpingogram and do a laproscopy at the same time.  He wants to look at the outside of my uterus.  And also look at my tubes and determine if there is disease in them.  He said the disease may be leaking fluid into my uterus and stopping the embryos from implanting and thriving.   If my tubes were diseased and it couldn't be fixed he would want to tie them.

I'm really not sure what I think of all of this.

He also suggested that we do a day-two zygote transfer (of three zygotes) directly into my fallopian tube.  Called ZIFT (zygote intra fallopian transfer).  He said it is closer to mimicking my body's natural environment.

I asked about doing day 5 PGD to screen for genetic abnormalities, and he said the ZIFT would be better.

There's so much to think about and research.

This really threw us for a curve.  We weren't expecting this as our next option.  These weren't really on our list of options that we thought we had.  I thought if anything he would suggest donor eggs or a gestational carrier.  I appreciate that Dr. Michael is still suggesting new ideas and being creative to our problems.

I asked him which of the factors he felt was the biggest negative contributor to our lack of success in his opinion.  Was it my eggs, the sperm or my body (and the MTHFR clotting problem)?  He said that he no longer felt like it was my eggs (wowzers, I never though I would hear this!).  He thought it was disease in my tubes and possibly a sperm quality issue.  But he said he couldn't say for sure until I had the surgery.

Guess I'll get researching!

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