Sunday, 21 October 2012

What a good weekend can do

Well, chalk one up for D.  I was feeling kind of down in the dumps a few weeks ago when a good friend mentioned that she might be coming to town.  Normally I would jump at the opportunity to have her as company.  I love her and having company! We live several hours apart and usually only see each other a few times a year.  However, we saw each other quite a few times over the late summer and fall.   When she texted, I was grumpy, lazy and feeling depressed.  And my favourite local singer (who I realllly love and doesn't perform a lot) was coming to a nearby restaurant the night she wanted to come to see me so she could watch her friend play in a band.

I actually debated if I wanted the company.  I thought, maybe I would just go to the nice restaurant and enjoy the music with D and some local friends instead?  Or maybe she could come but I would skip out on the thing she wanted to do and I would do my own thing.  D reminded me that we have fun when we are together and I do a lot of laughing and giggling.

I realized I was being silly. So I texted her back and said come on down.    A few weeks later, D got asked to speak at a work conference in Las Vegas during the same weekend.   So, I would have likely been alone most of the weekend, which is never the best for my mood.

We had such a nice weekend together.  As in, a better-than-Christmas-morning kind of weekend.  It was the perfect mix.  Friday we went to watch her friend in his band, we danced and had drinks.  We met some new people, friends of friends, who I really liked.  The next day we made a nice brunch and went shopping in the afternoon at a great mall that I had only experienced small parts of before.  We had a wonderful late dinner at an Italian restaurant that I had never been to.  The next morning we leisurely had coffee, and munched on homemade muffins and fruit.  Her friend wanted to see some model homes in the area, and I tagged along just for fun.  I love snooping through new homes.  Then after she left, I ate yummy leftovers, had a nap and spent what was probably the last warm day of the year out in my yard on the swing with my cat.

I loved it.  My soul really needed this weekend in such a big way.   I'm so grateful that D encouraged me out of my funk and into the right direction.

I'm also feeling good because I have three fun weekends away with friends coming up in November.  Having this many fun things planned and being able to enjoy a drink during them is pretty much unheard of for me.  I'm grateful that we have have our CCRM consult in late November.

I'm feeling very grateful.  For the wonderful people I have in my life, and many other things.  I'm happy that I have some extra bucks to go shopping with, (for now anyways - look out accounts receivable department at CCRM?).  I'm so happy my loving hubby knows me so well and has my best interests at heart, even when I don't.

I wish I could put the afterglow of this weekend in a bottle and break it out when needed.   Or, I'll maybe I'll glance back at this post another time.  :)

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