Friday, 15 March 2013

Calmed down

The nurse yesterday was very reassuring.  She told me that they were only recently using the patches however, they have been finding that people get a fairly good dose from them.   She said we should wait until tomorrow and see what the blood work says.   She wasn't worried about where I had been applying them.  She said the upper arm was mostly for convenience.

I won't know until at least Monday what the results of the blood work will be.

I was so mad at myself, as you could probably tell.  Your comments helped to calm me down.  Thank you.   It's nice to have this little corner of cyber space to vent.

Yesterday, I took a me day.  I did some retail therapy combined with a pedicure.  I found some deals that I was happy about.  I went to my exercise class in the evening.   It worked.  I feel pretty good today.

Thanks again for all of the kind words.  Hope you all have a peaceful weekend.

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  1. Oh what a scare with the meds, I hope the results come back right on track despite this. Good that you allowed yourself some shopping and pampering, it is much needed now and then.


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