Thursday, 7 November 2013

If I ever make it to the other side

If I ever make it to the other side and I’m talking with a friend who is infertile, I want to remember to…
  • Talk about my children only when necessary.  No stories about what they did that was cute the other day or how we cuddled last night at bedtime and they whispered I love you.  Because it hurts even if they don’t show it.
  •  I will ask regularly how they are doing with all of this? And ask what this experience has been like for them? 
  • I won’t be scared of hearing the hard stuff, the sad stuff, and the depressing stuff. 
  • I will find adult only time for them because I remember how isolating infertility can be.
  • I will try to say ‘yes’ to their requests for activities, knowing that it’s a sign and opportunity to offer support.
  • I will listen more and talk less. 


  1. These are great things to do for infertile friends. :) I totally agree...

  2. I have this list too. I have a formerly infertile mom friend who I wish I could give this to as's like she doesn't get it anymore.

    1. I find it to be extra insulting when an infertile forgets. It's way easier to forgive the fertile for their ignorance.


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