Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Yesterday's meeting with our adoption worker went well.   We also met with the local social worker who does birth parent counselling.

Their moods were much lighter than usual.  Where there has been a drought of babies as of late, they now have several matches happening.   They spoke in general about some great matches that had just happened in the past couple of weeks.

They spoke positively about us and said that they know we will be matched.  They said we will present well and we have many favourable things going for us.  That made me feel good, and lowered my anxiety a bit.  The adoption world seems so competitive for babies.

I wondered if the situation they were referencing was actually my friend's.  I was listening intently to all of the details of the story.  I tried to match up the details of the situations they told us about with what I already knew about my friend's potential match.

Right after the meeting, I texted my friend to see how everything was going.

She told me that they were matched!!!  They are now quickly organizing her paternity leave, a nursery, their ideas of names to discuss with the birth parents, and updating all of their necessary documents.

I am so excited for them.  Like, truly over the moon.  Their story brings me so much hope.  I get teary thinking about them and their newborn baby coming together this June after all they have been through.

D's happy for them, but also feeling a tad bit jealous.  He's always been more interested in adoption than pursuing fertility treatments.  He knows that this baby matched our parameters (that sounds so cold, but I don't know how else to put it).  We would have been considered for this baby had we not been on hold because of our last pregnancy.  It could be us rushing to pull together all of those important details.

I don't feel that way though.  I feel like this is the perfect match for them.  For many reasons, but I think it's especially neat that she's Asian and he's Caucasian/European and so are the birth parents.

I love knowing that this could  is going to work out for them.  I see so much hope in their situation.  They are going to be amazing parents, I have do doubt.  They have so much love to give.

That could be us one day.  


  1. That is really exciting! I wouldn't get too hung up in "that could have been our baby"... who knows why a birth mother chooses one family over another? BUT, in my limited experience, there IS often some link, and it sounds like that birth mother found one with that couple. I know one of my friends adopted a baby whose birth mom was from Chile... both her and her husband are Caucasian, but her husband lived in Chile as as child. The birth mom later told my friend that she picked them (among other reasons) because she liked the idea that her husband had seen and experienced the culture in Chile. That baby might have been a good fit for you guys, but that doesn't necessarily mean it would have been a match, so don't get down over a missed opportunity.

    I have NO IDEA how you guys have the energy or the stamina to pursue adoption and CCRM donor eggs at the same time. That's AMAZING! Kudos to you guys for being so on top of stuff! No matter which, I hope that your baby is coming home to you guys soon!

  2. I really want to just support you in that ending sentence...
    'that could be us one day'.

    I know how hard this is. it is incredibly difficult to hold on to hope,
    when even the best of your plans and intentions go awry, again and again.

    please retain this hope!
    you will be great parents!

    be it via adoption, or ccrm, or however, when it happens,
    it will be wonderful, because it will be exactly as it should have worked out.

    keep a protected special place in your heart and soul for that hope.
    it will be challenging, no matter what path presents itself as the final path,
    having that hope at the sore is key.

    all my best to you.

  3. Wow Awesome story!! I'm excited for them too. I can hardly imagine being at the point of getting the nursery ready, that seems so close/real. I cannot wait for that moment for all of us :)

  4. What wonderful reassurance that this adoption group is creating positive experiences! Excited for your friend and for you as you move forward!

  5. I hear hope! Of course it can---and WILL---be you one day! I'm excited you are moving along this path. xoxoxox

  6. The baby that finds you will be for a reason. And you'll always say that it happened as it should. Yours is coming. So very soon. I'm so happy that you're looking forward. xoxo

  7. This is a wonderful story, I'm so happy for them. It's so nice to feel pure joy and happiness for your friends who have also struggled.


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