Friday, 23 May 2014

CCS results

We don't have the full genetic report yet, but we have our overall CCS results.

Just a reminder, that of our 10 DE embryos we were expecting 3 or 4 normals. 

We have 3 normals and 2 no-result. 

We are in the process of finding out if the 'no results' can be re-tested. If there was a cost we wouldn't do it. Have any of you  had experience with this? 

D was scared we'd have no normals because of his wonky sperm, so he's relieved.  I'm happy with the result. Not ecstatic, but very pleased. 

We'll (hopefully) have a regroup with the doctor soon to discuss all of this. 

We're only going to transfer one at a time. And another miscarriage might mean we look at using a known gestational carrier. (If those who have offered are still willing). 

That's where we are at! Your thoughts or suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. We're in new territory! 

PS) My HCG was 90. I'll repeat it in another week. 


  1. Dear Julia,
    At Ccrm I did not have any no-result for CCS, but I did have no-result for single-gene testing, and they re-biopsied at no extra charge
    Good luck!

  2. We were told four years ago there was a 1K thaw fee for retesting no results (but no fee for the retesting). This may have changed.

  3. I would expect a fee, either for the whole shebang or at least the associated costs of thawing, lab time, etc...

    we also have 2 no-results at ccrm. I have 3 normals remaining, and the 2 no-results.

    I asked about re-testing them, and obviously, they prefer for you to try with your normals first... why add extra time and cost if you may not need to- especially if you are going to be using a surrogate.

    we considered our no-results as the final back-up plan. they could be normal, or not, it isn't anything to depend upon, only if we HAVE to as a final 'hail-mary' for our own embryos.

    I think doing eSET's with those three (awesome! beautiful! NORMAL!) embryos is an excellent plan.

    you can be working on GC plans while you work on your own eSET...
    how far along are you in that world of GC's? have you spoken with an agency? do you have friends/family that will pass CCRM's criteria for GC's?

    so so glad you tested those embryos... all the information you have makes it that much more clear going forward.

    I don't know if we will ever re-test our no-results. they always choose to use the least-altered embryos, and ones that have been thawed/biopsied multiple times are the last ones to use- however, I know from emails to my ccrm nurse and their genetic department, no-results HAVE been re-tested, been found to be normal, AND have gone on to become RLB's. so, it happens.

    thank you so much for the update! this is really good news for you!

  4. I'm sure it is a great relief to know that your next transfer will be with ccs normals. I'm not much help with the costs for the 2, but sounds like you've got some good advise here so far. Will you do another transfer cycle soon?

  5. I'm glad to hear you have some normal embryos. And that your body seems to be moving in the right direction.

  6. so glad you got some normal embryos from your cycle. hopefully there will be no more heartache and smooth sailing from here.

  7. There was no fee when we retested our no result embryos at Ccrm. Good luck and congrats on the normal embryos!


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