Thursday, 22 May 2014

On a little break up north

I've been enjoying a little infertility break over the past couple of weeks. 

Mother's day was an okay day with my family. In the evening I was very grumpy and had another good dose of feeling sorry for myself. 

The good news is that I haven't had a lot of grief since. I'm hoping it continues to stay that way. 

I've been having bloodwork to check for my bHCG. It hasn't got to be less than five yet. Last week's was 245-ish, we'll see what yestersay's was. I'm expecting the call for that this morning. 

I'm in a small town now, and getting blood work is very interesting to say the least. Yesterday, I went at 9:30 am. I was hoping to miss all of the fasting blood people, but that was not the case.  It's the only place to get blood work within a 40 minute drive. 

I actually took a number and then realized that it was going to be HOURS before I could get my blood drawn. So I left and went and did my groceries and one other errand. I came back and still had to wait another half hour! 

I'm glad I left because some of the people were looking (warrantedly) grumpy at that point, while I was feeling pleased with my resourcefulness. 

I'm enjoying being "up north" as D and I call to it. It's been really nice to see more of my family and to be outside a lot more.   

D and I got our pictures taken last night on a beach and in a forest. We are going to use them to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary (coming up in the fall- holy cow!) and also for our adoption profile book. 

The adoption workers didn't like the cover photo we had picked, and it was the best we had.  So, it was a good excuse to have them done. 

I've joined a house league soccer team here for the summer too. I haven't played in 15 years. It's a very friendly atmosphere of all skill levels, so I think I will enjoy it.  I know I will have to bail probably half way through the summer for because of fertility treatments, so I'd better enjoy it while I can. 

I even went to Zumba one night with my aunt and cousin. Today my Mom's coming over to help me scrape wall paper.  Bye, bye navy and burgundy stripes, and sailboat papers! 

Sometimes I almost feel manic lately. I have so much energy.  It's like grief had such a heavy grip on my life, that now that I'm more free, I'm extra happy just to feel kind of normal and do things again. Do any of you ever feel that way? 

Overall, spring has been good! I am so grateful for the break. It was a long winter. 


  1. Totally understand. I play softball one night a week and volleyball two nights a week. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for keeping that schedule, but honestly it's the only time I'm not actively thinking about infertility and I can burn off some frustration. Glad you're enjoying your time away!

  2. I play indoor soccer on Friday nights and I love it!!! Glad to hear you're enjoying your time up north!

  3. So glad to hear this. A break is sometimes just what's needed. Sounds like you're enjoying yours!


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