Tuesday, 25 February 2014

1 or 2

So today we met with Dr. Gustofson instead of Dr. Schoolcraft.

I am happy we met with him. He was so  personable. He even smiled-more than once!  Dr. S is just really laid back and kind of nonchalant. I've heard him described by another blogger as a cool cucumber, and I agree. Dr. G was laid back, but in a different, more warm way.  

Some key information from our visit:
- He says we have an 85% chance of a positive pregnancy test if we transfer two high quality embryos. 
- Transferring 2 has a 40-50% chance of twins.
- Twin pregancies have a 10-15% chance of complications, including lifelong problems or death for babies, due to the risk of prematurity. 
- Transferring 1 has a 65-75% chance of  success. 
- He recommends 1, however 1 or 2 is our choice. They only need to know 5 minutes before transfer. 
- 70% of couples choose to transfer 2. 
- The cost of a FET including our travel and meds would be between $6-8k.  
- Chance of a miscarriage is less than 5% with donor eggs. This doesn't change much with the intended mother's age. They don't see an increased risk of miscarriage because of my history with miscarriage (CCRM attributes them to embryo quality). 
- He said the risks of pregnancy complications don't increase dramatically each year. At my age (34), he said risks of pregnancy start really increasing in 7-8 years. 
- We asked about transferring 1 higher quality and 1 lower. He said they won't do that. This is because the research is showing if you lose 1 of the 2 babies then the remaining one doesn't do as well.  

We went in there thinking we'd transfer 2.   Now we're both on the fence.  The chance of twins and complications are much higher than expected. 

Looks like we've got some thinking to do over the next couple of days. 



  1. I love that you met Dr. G and liked him!! Sounds like you asked some really good questions and got really good answers. I know a lot of thought is going into this decision and no matter what, it will be the right one for you. Thinking of you lots this week!

  2. Such a tough decision. I did DE at CCRM and debated too. we transferred 2, and had 1 perfect son 38 weeks later. It's really hard to know what is best. Go with your gut.

  3. This is tough. Even before we've finally settled on a DE plan, this issue is on my mind. It just seems like a two for one deal, in a way...but the risks aren't to be taken lightly. Hard decision, friend.

  4. Dr. G was my doctor at CCRM - love him! We went with frozen SET (we ended up with 9 good quality embryos) - My husband and I were not comfortable with the idea of twins. We looked at it from the fetus' perspective - as in what is the healthiest option for the fetus. After having so many complications getting pregnant, I just wanted a boring normal singleton pregnancy. That said, I totally understand the desire to transfer two, because it increases your odds and you've waited so long for this and want so badly to have a baby. I think everyone has different thresholds for what they are capable of managing. Good luck with the decision- I'm sure it will work out great either way.

  5. Hi- this is a very tough decision and a personal one. We had a similar one on our first DE cycle (and it worked). We had already failed 7 fresh IVFs with my own eggs and the thought of failing again was a bit much. However, we kept reminding ourselves that this was not like our past cycles. Prior to transfer day we decided that we would do whatever was recommended on the day of transfer by the embryologist and doctor and also see how many embryos were left and the quality. Deep inside, while we wanted it to work, we also were worried about the complications that come along with twins. On transfer day, we had a large number of blasts and the embryologist said that if I were her sister, she would recommend transferring 1. But, she has seen our history and it is up to us 1 vs 2. Ultimately, we transferred the 1 and the day of the pregnancy test I began regretting not transferring 2 (I didn't test beforehand and was afraid it did not work). Alas, the 1 took and we were pregnant (currently 8 months). It worked out for us and during the 2ww I also was able to tell myself that if it doesn't work, we could do a FET. Anyhow- sorry for the rambling. But, just wanted to let you know that SET do work (and we did our DE cycle locally- had tried CCRM for one of our own in the past). But, I TRULY understand that it is a tough decision and know that we went in circles with it leading up to our transfer. so, GOOD LUCK with it- and good luck with the cycle!

  6. This is very exciting! What a hard decision though .... :/ I can't imagine doing a single transfer, but DE is a WHOLE different ball game. I have to keep reminding myself that too. ;)

  7. I meant to say that the we were concerned about the "possible" complications that come along with twins-- not that there are always complications!

  8. That's a tough call to make. I don't have any advice for you other than go with your gut.

  9. Yeah, each situation is different. I did an SET last time and will only ever do DETs from now on, but that's because of my particular history. Best of luck in figuring out what is best. ~theunexpectedtrip

  10. This is a hard decision. Is this your first time doing DE? The rates of success and twins are SO much higher!

  11. Praying for clarity and peace. So exciting!

  12. one! why two? one is safer, healthier...

  13. Phew. This is a tough one. The chances of twins they give you are really high, but so is that FET pricetag (even though it sucks having to consider this at all). As you can probably imagine, with my history I almost have to scream "one". But as others have said, it is such a tough and personal decision. I'm glad you have some time to think though - we had to make the decision within about an hour. Not to say that we'd have made a different decision, necessarily, but looking back the stress around having to decide so suddenly doesn't help.
    I hope you'll come to a decision you are both at peace with. And that this journey will bring you a take-home baby.


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