Friday, 21 February 2014

Sticky situation

Any tips out there for how to get the remaining ring of sticky stuff off your skin from the estrogen patches?

My skin is raw from my previous attempts over the past few weeks.  I've tried a bunch of things.  Nothing works well.  My most successful attempts so far have involved vaseline and scraping with my fingernail.

There has to be a better way!


  1. Baby oil worked pretty well. It still involved some scraping, though.

  2. baby oil. OR you can buy adhesive remover at the pharmacy. it comes in little packets with a towlette. good luck!!

  3. the wipes are something like this:

  4. If you go into a home health store you can buy adhesive remover wipes that people with ileostomies use. Brava sells a line and they are great and very gentle on the skin.

  5. Try 90%+ alcohol. It has always worked well for me! You should be able to find a cheap bottle at target, walmart, walgreens, etc.

  6. I've gone through many of those boxes and I've got them down. First off, when you put the patches on, make sure that your skin is completely dry. In the beginning, I wanted to make sure that the skin was clean. So I took showers before putting them on or cleaned the area with an alcohol wipe. However, I found that these steps only made my skin underneath raw. So what I did was shower in the AM and then change the patches in the PM. As for the sticky residue. I just used soap and scraped it off in the shower. But if you follow my first steps, the skin underneath won't be irritated, so it will be easy to wash off in the shower. Good luck!

  7. I'm thinking about trying this tomorrow when I take my first two off:
    "Warm Compress
    "Warm compress is useful in removing bandage adhesive. Apply a warm compress all over the bandage for about 30 seconds. Now slowly remove the bandage and clean the skin with warm water.
    Read more at Buzzle:"
    Because the big problem I found with using baby oil was that the oil would inevitably spread to other areas of my belly, taking up prime real estate on my abdomen....because the oil would sink into my skin a little before I could wash it off, making any area affected by the oil not good for applying a new patch.

    Last time, I used baby oil and those rough-textured bath gloves, and would work away for ages trying to get it off.

    I want to try the adhesive removers, but am probably overly paranoid about hexamethyldisiloxane (which is in the Brava brand, for example), just because it's a chemical I don't know anything about...except for this study,which seems to be indicating it is safe:

    "Human exposure either in the workplace, through consumer products, or in the general environment that result in estimates of intake at least 100-fold lower that the BMDL (e.g., an MOE of 100 or greater) are not expected to cause any adverse reproductive effects in those populations"

    Yes, I am that crazy that I look this kind of shit up.

  8. I would suggest Jojoba oil. I know for sure you can get it at Trader Joes and on Amazon. Great at removing sticky things from skin.

  9. Wow. You guys are awesome! Thank you!

  10. I put body lotion (pretty much right after changing patches, as my skin doesn't like them much), and then, once that is all soaked up, take one of the many alcohol wipes I got with my meds to remove much of the sticky stuff.


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