Thursday, 13 February 2014

Baby steps

I had my ultrasound and blood work this morning.

I won't know the blood results until much later today.  The doctor had a CBC drawn to check on how my body's doing with the Lovenox, and those results won't be in until tomorrow.  

But the ultrasound was good... I think?

Last week, the CCRM nurse said they wanted to see my lining over 6mm today & my estrogen levels at 50 or greater.  They said a lining on the 19th of over 7.5mm would be "beautiful".  

Today my lining was 7.6mm!  Phew! Yay! I'm happy about this.  I've never had a problem with too much lining (as I've heard can be a problem for some people), so I'm not worried about that. 

The one weird part (to me) is that the nurse said my lining was triple lined (trilaminar).   Here's a picture.  You can decide for yourself. 

Looks triple lined too me. 

I wasn't expecting to hear this.  Especially with my transfer not until March 1st.   Is it too soon for this? Is there such thing as too soon? I hoped it would be this way at my next lining check on the 19th.  

I don't remember paying attention to this when I was having my other FET procedures.  I don't know if this is normal.  Am I making something out of nothing? I'll be googling.  But I'm curious if you have any thoughts?  

Update:  The nurse got back to me very quickly.  She said that a triple pattern should be seen as the lining is developing.  That my labs and ultrasound are perfect at this stage and I am right on track.  (*)Breathes a sigh of relief (*)


Also, I've been doing the acupuncture that was recommended by CCRM twice per week.   

The naturopath hooks up the acupuncture needles to an electrostimulator.  She asks me when I can feel certain intensity of sensations, with the goal of making the points in calves higher than those in my lower back.  The needles are in the right and left sides of my body.  

Something minor but nonetheless interesting has been happened.  When I started out two weeks ago, the stimulator had to be turned up much higher on my left side than my right to provide an equal sensation.   This week, when I went, she told me that the stimulator was set almost identically on both sides.

I'm not sure what I think of the acupuncture.  It costs $60 every time I go.  That part I don't like and neither does my dear hardworking bill paying hubby. What I do like is that it makes me feel like I'm doing everything I can.  And feel relaxed afterwards.  

It it increasing my uterine blood flow like it's supposed to?  That may never be known.   But the ultrasound images look good, so I suppose it's not hurting anything. 

 PS) I'm still abstaining from caffeine including chocolate.  I miss chocolate.  The end.   


  1. Yay for a fantastic lining!!! I'm so happy for you! Just incredibly hopeful for this transfer, things are lining up (no pun intended!) nicely and I hope things continue to go in that direction. Lots of fingers and toes crossed!

  2. Glad your lining is right on track! Excited for you!

  3. That's great news about your lining! And good for you for having the willpower to stay away from chocolate! I gave up coffee but I think I would be a crazed monster without some chocolate.

    1. I caved! Had a few pieces of chocolate last night. Whoops. Back on track now.


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