Thursday, 27 February 2014

Decision & Update: Day 3

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your input on the 1 or 2 decision.  It means a lot to hear from people who have been in the situation. 

My heart wants to do two.  But my head (and the doctor) says to do one.  So, we are only going transfer only one.  If there was anything wrong with the embryo quality or my lining we would choose to transfer two.  Fortunately, (gratefully!, amazingly!) this hasn't become an issue.

We made this decision because we are scared of the risks, more than we are scared of having twins.   We have been the low/negative odds it seems with all of our infertility stuff and we don't want to risk it... this time.  Also, because this is our first attempt with donor egg, and the donor was 21 years old, we feel we should see what happens with one first. There's so much more that went into this decision, but that's the short version.

If this transfer doesn't work, next time we might try two.  But we'll see.  Hoping we don't need to make this decision.

It's 9:30am right now in Colorado.  We have 30 more minutes to wait to hear if we will be having a day 3 transfer.  If  we don't get a call, we're off to take a little trip for a couple of days.  

I look forward to commenting on all of your blogs soon - so much as been going on!  I've been mostly using my iphone and the blogger app for updates, and there is some kind of browser glitch between the two.  It makes me miss my computer!


* We are doing a day 5 transfer. 
* We have eleven (!)  6-10 cell "very good" looking embryos.  They discarded one that stopped growing and two others are growing but not as well.
* Feeling happy and grateful! Off to Vail!


  1. Glad you are at peace with your decision! Good luck!

  2. So glad you're in a place of peace. Thinking of you and excited for transfer day!

  3. sounds like a very reasonable plan! we did one with our donor (26) the first time too, then two, then two (twins on the way!). I never would have imagined after 2 failures that both embryos would implant this time, but they did! I hope you are in the large group of people for whom donor works the first time! thinking of you!

  4. Congratulations! Great embabies!!

  5. it is so tempting to transfer two, but I think you are on the right track-
    why would you put a risk on the entire pregnancy and the lives of your babies, if you have a choice and don't have to? the fact that dr.G is suggesting an eSET also says a lot to your chances!

  6. Yay! So glad to hear the awesome day 3 report! I know that the transfer question is so tough and so personal, but I think you've made a good choice. 21 year old donor and some awesome embryos... things are looking GREAT!

  7. I think you are wise. On our 3rd IVF I said "throw in 3" since my other transfers with 2 at a time hadn't worked-all three implanted and I thought I was on top of the world. One miscarried early and they think this could have been what caused the downfall of the twins later on. I know the risks are small but losing twins is INCREBIBLY painful. it sounds like the odds are in your favor and I'm glad you went with your head and Drs :) Good luck!! So so so so cheering for you!!

    1. I'm a follower of your journey Holly and my heart truly breaks for all you and your hubby have been through. Thanks for the cheers!

  8. Yay for so many good-looking embryos!! And I'm glad you have made a decision. Enjoy the few days off, and then fingers and toes and everything crossed for a happy and healthy outcome!!

  9. Great news on the embryos!! I'll be praying for you and the transfer and then praying for the embryo to find a nice warm place to grow for the next 9 months!! When we did our transfer, I wanted so badly to transfer two. We ended up with 3 embryos after the retrieval. The clinic showed us their stats on a one vs two embryo transfer success rate and there was only a 2% difference which helped ease my mind with only doing one. Have faith in your little embryo and tell it exactly what you want it to do!! I kind of felt crazy telling the embryo to find a nice comfy place to settle into, but he listened :)


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