Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Fertilization report

It's great news! 

Out 15 eggs, 14 survived the thaw. 
And then, with ICSI and IMSI, all 14 fertilized. 

We spoke directly with the embryologist which was nice. At our last clinic (and currently our satelite clinic) speaking with the embryologist was only by special request.  He said the likelihood of a day 3 transfer at this time is small, however we still need to be prepared for it. 

We are breathing a big sigh of relief to have jumped one more hurdle. 

Today, we meet with Dr. Schoolcraft to discuss the fertilization report and how many to transfer. We've always transferred two, with the exception of one time because that's all we had. 

Even though the embryo quality is (hopefully) much higher than the donor embryos and our own embryos we've used in the past, I think we will transfer two again. That is, unless we hear a very  compelling argument and recommendation from the doctor to do just one. Even then, I think we may still do two. 

Our next update on our embabies is Thursday. 


  1. Amazing, fantastic, over the moon happy news!!! So excited for you!

  2. Woo hoo! What an awesome fertilization report! That's so great! Hoping for continued great news and a beautiful day 5 transfer!

  3. Yay!! 14 in 2014 has to be a good sign :)

    1. Never thought of that, yes! Better than my unlucky '13

  4. Gotta be cool hearing those numbers! Great news, and sending you positive thoughts for an awesome day 5 transfer!


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