Saturday, 27 April 2013

CD2 ultrasound

Yesterday the CCRM nurse faxed the instructions for today's ultrasound.  However there wasn't anything written on it but "rule out cysts".  I thought it was a typo and and oversight.  There was nothing about checking my lining or pre-antricles or blood work.  I was so confused. 

So I called the nurse at CCRM to question it.  It turns out that they were only trying to rule out the cyst.  If it was gone they wanted to start me on the priming again and do some suppression this month if the stims were gone.  

Hold the phone.   

Cue alarm at them not knowing my case.   (I'm not totally surprised at this - but the suppression thing really through me for a loop!)

I told her that we didn't want to do that.  For a few reasons:  

1. That I felt like it was more than a coincidence that I had only ever had cysts while taking the testosterone.   

2. That I read the research and the priming protocol only lead to one more egg on average per retrieval, and I was willing to sacrifice it. 

3.  That D and I were nearing the end of trying and we really just want to get this going (likely the most pressing reason)

4.  That I didn't think the doctor would want to suppress me with lupron or other meds because it would  over suppress me.   

5. That I may still have a cyst and this could all be moot. 

She said she would call the doctor and call me back. 

She promptly returned my call and said the doctor agreed.  She sent me a new requisition that included blood work.  

Today I had that done and yay! No cysts! No cysts! No cysts!!! 

My blood work showed that my estrogen and progesterone were suppressed so I'm good to go!  Starting stims tomorrow! 

I can't believe it! I'm so pumped! 


  1. PS) 4 pre-antricles on each side! Not bad for me!

  2. Nice!! I am praying this is it!!

  3. Yay! catching up and just saw this post, great news. Good luck starting the stims!

  4. What great news! Good luck and I'm thinking about you! All my fingers are crossed. And nice on the 4 per-antricles. So far so good.

  5. Yay! And way to take things into your own hands. It's nice to be heard and to have your thoughts validated!


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