Thursday, 20 December 2012

Day 3... Results are in!

My results are in,  (drum roll please! haha)...

Estrogen:  35.  They would like it to be below 50.

FSH:  11.9. This is just a bit elevated over the 10 they would like to see - YIPEE!!

LH: 9.1.  She said this should be about 1/2 of the FSH level. (Which obviously it's not). The nurse said that this gives the doctor an idea of what type of protocol to put together.  I'll need to find out more about this later.

I love how without asking the nurse just gives the reference range for a result.  It's awesome.

From here, she will ask the doctor to put a protocol together.  They will determine if they will use this cycle or the next.   Oh my gosh! I didn't even think this cycle would be an option.  Happy dance!!!

She discussed Dr. Dandruffbeard's desire to have a sono-HSG before doing the laproscopy.  The nurse said, "let me just think of the polite way to say this".  I told her "there's no need, you can just tell me what he said".  She told me that Dr. Schoolie thought it was an "idiotic" thing.  She explained further to me, that it would be like having an MRI and seeing you have a tumour, but then saying that you need to look at someone's eyes before doing surgery.  Or, that if you had a mammogram and found a mass, but then wanted to do a breast exam.    She said he thought it would be a waste of time, using a less sophisticated technology and and that it would give us no more information then we had now.

She said if I needed to do the sono-HSG to follow the rules of the Canadian health care system, then to do it.

I asked her if I should be worried about being under his care?  Should I have someone else do the surgery?  Now I'm not so sure.  Ironically, I'm no longer trusting Dr. Dandruff's opinion.  Oh.  And did I mention that Dr. Dandruff is the head of his department at one of the larger hospitals in my area?  Now I can't get the thought of 20 year old equipment and dirty operating rooms out of my head. Yikes.

I might reconsider paying the $3,500 it costs to have the laproscopy procedure done at CCRM.  Maybe they could do it after my egg retrieval if we get that far?.

Dr.  Dandruff had also told me that if there was no hydrosalpinx shown that there would be no way for fluid to be moving in the direction of uterus.  That fluid is pushed out of the tube towards the ovary.  I asked the nurse for Dr. Schoolie's opinion on this.  She said that it is nonsense.  I asked why, she said that some doctors just believe different things.


  1. Thanks for sharing your updates. I have my ODWU with CCRM in January 2013. Your posts have helped know what to expect. I also may have to have a tube removed and was wondering the best time too.

    1. I'm still learning as I go along. If you learn anything you feel might help, please feel free to pass it along. Best of luck to you for your ODWU. :)


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