Wednesday, 19 December 2012


During our preoperative consult, Dr. Dandruffbeard explicitly asked me if I trusted him.   He said that it seemed that I preferred the care of the other doctors in America, because I had chosen them for my care.  He said that there were many surgeons that could do the ligation for me in Canada besides him, if it was a trust issue.  He said I should have a surgeon that I trust.   He said this all in a very nice and respectful way.  However, it caught me a bit by surprise! In all of the specialists I've seen over the last five years, this has never come up before.

I told him that no, it wasn't a trust issue.  It is an opinion issue and a timely-care issue, but I didn't go into that.  I told him that geographically it made sense for us to proceed with the other doctor (which he understood).  Also, I reminded him that at the time the only option he gave to us was donor egg, from a known donor.   And since that for us was pretty much out of the question for us, we moved on.

It was his opinion, combined with Dr. Snowflake's that led us to choose embryo adoption.  He told me he was not interested in trying to get eggs from me because of the low probability of success (less than 5% chance).  He told me that twice. Almost 5 years ago, and more recently 3 years ago.

It's painful to think about all of that.  I wonder if he is going to be proven right after all of these years?  If we just stuck with his opinion, and chose other family building options would we have a family now and have avoided a lot of heartache?  Our savings would have certainly taken less of a beating.

I suppose, we've already proven him a little bit wrong.  We did do an IVF and made 11 eggs and 6 embryos, resulting in one pregnancy.  I'm hoping to completely prove him wrong with this IVF in Colorado.  

Later on, I visited his website.  At the bottom of his page was a quote "I thank my patients for their trust.  They know they can count on me 100%.  Interesting.

I'm hoping that maybe we can do the ligation after the IVF cycle.  I've left a message for the nurses to see what the doctor thinks of this idea.  This would allow me to be on a waiting list in Canada for the procedure, without wasting precious time.  Plus, I'm on all of these supplements and restrictions and I want to be finished with them sooner rather than later.   We will know for sure after my day 3 blood work is processed.  We need this before Dr. Schoolie will give his final blessing on any OE IVF cycle.

Update: Yeah - Because we are planning to do a frozen cycle with CCS, we are able to do the laproscopy later.  I'm excited about that news.  Now just awaiting the day 3 blood work.  Please, let it be ok.


  1. Bring on the bloodwork. Exciting and scary days. So very much tied up into each and every moment.

    1. So true. I find I don't realize how excited or stressed I was until after it is all over. I'm always trying to read into every little result and piece of information.


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