Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tubal Ligation Preoperative Consult

Well, it seems things are going to get a teeny bit more confusing before they get simplified.

I'm hoping it's like when you spring clean and need to spread things everywhere and make a big mess before putting it away neat and tidy.

I had my preoperative consult with Dr. Dandruffbeard.  Although strangely, today he didn't have any dandruff.  I wanted it to be simple, for him to concur with Dr. Schoolie's opinion, and book the surgery in early January.  The surgery was for what I described here, a laproscopy and possible tubal ligation.

Blah.  But not so fast.  I forgot that this surgery is "optional", and not 100% indicated by my previous tests.  It's just to basically rule a possible problem out, for the best chances of implantation.

Dr. Beard said that in Canada they do a sonohysterogram to determine if there is a hydrosalpinx that requires ligation.  He said they don't go by the x-ray (the HSG) because it is an imperfect test.  The rule in Canada is that if there is no accumulation of fluid shown in a sonosysterogram, they don't do a tubal ligation.

I didn't have a sonohystergram.  But I made a big oopsie and told him I had during my ODWU.  Now things are confusing because my whole consult was based on Dr. Beard reviewing the sono, then talking with Dr. Schoolie briefly, then doing the surgery.

I've messed things up.  :( So now I'm back tracking.

One unexpected perk was that the appointment served as a second opinion on the procedure.  Dr. Beard said that basically if there is no balloon of fluid in the tube aka. hydrosalpinx, that there is no way for fluid to leak back down into my uterus.  And that he doesn't think I have this problem anyways because I've had implantation at "a reasonable rate".  He said the fluid leaking out of the tubes causes an implantation problem, not a miscarriage problem.   He offered though to do what he could to help me.  Hmm, interesting.

Then we had a semi-awkward conversation about trust, that I'll have to write about another time.  I'm off to my exercise class.

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