Thursday, 13 December 2012

Ready, set...

It seems things are mostly in order for January to start treatment.

  • All of our medical records have been received including copies of physical and mammogram - check
  • One day work up (ODWU) at CCRM complete - check
  • Day 3 blood work shipped - check
  • Extra blood work completed for the coagulation panel - check
  • Decision made to try OE IVF - check
  • Consents signed - check
  • Decision on which local satellite clinic to use - check
  • Naturopath visit completed, and supplements purchased and organized - check.
  • Arrangements for the sperm samples being shipped to CCRM as a back up plan - check. 
  • Chromatin assay test results from ODWU - still waiting. 
  • Decision on tubal ligation and laproscopy.  Still awaiting more information from the doctor before making a decision. - Follow up in progress.  

I'm glad that everything that is waiting on me is mostly done.  And that it is done before the holidays.  Phew!

Right now I'm just working on walking that fine line between being an annoying patient and a proactive, organized patient to get the remaining information.  My unfiltered-self would like call the clinic frequently saying: "Hi, it's me again. Do you have those results yet? No? Ok. Can you call me later today with an update. Thank you".  Rinse and repeat. 

It's funny it seems almost foreign to me now that some people just go out for a nice dinner, have a glass of wine and roll in the hay and wake up two weeks later to a positive HPT.   Or hump a their pimp drug dealer and make a baby or ten.  But that's another post for another time.  

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