Monday, 21 January 2013

Feeling Semi-human

The big cloud over my head from last week has lifted.  Yes!!!  I'm starting to feel semi-human again.   I'm grocery shopping, cooking good meals and looking for a little project to do around the house.  Oh, and I've stopped bawling.  That's been a huge bonus.

The big news around my little corner of the earth is that I'm waiting for my brother's baby to be born.   Today is the due date.

We got a list of instructions by email the other day about what they would like in the days surrounding the birth.  The email was signed and sent by my brother, however he clearly did not write it.  His girlfriend, the mother-to-be is a lawyer.   I'm pretty sure my brother stopped doing his English homework after he met her (because she was much better at writing essays) which is when he was 16.  The email definitely has a legal feel to it.  It's pretty detailed and definitely not warm & fuzzy. There are a lot of requests and no part that says anything that resembles a thank you or a "looking forward to sharing this with you".   My Dad made me laugh when I talked to him last night about it.  He said "At least you get to be the photographer, I'm just the dog walker".

I'm actually pretty happy that my little emotional meltdown mostly happened last week.  Maybe I got most of the yucky emotions out of the way, so when this baby comes, I'll be able to be a little more functional and friendly.   If the baby comes shortly, we'll be traveling to see it (5 hours by car) next weekend.

PS) It's cycle day 11 today.  I'm starting Endometrin on cycle day 16 for nine days and then waiting for my period.   Then it's full steam ahead on the stims for IVF #2 (our 8th fertility procedure... that's a long story!). 


  1. My sister in law was like that when my niece was born. Certainly doesn't make the family feel too good. Glad you're feeling better.

  2. So glad you're feeling better. Hope you are able to enjoy the new baby. My sister-in-law is pregnant but not due until april so I have some time to prepare still.

  3. Ugh, I've heard of bridezillas but mom-zillas? I get that it's a tough time and you might not want to have everyone in the world over to see the baby right away, but at some point she's gonna need help from those people and she'd better watch which bridges she's burning.

  4. So happy that you are feeling better! Make sure to take care of yourself when that baby comes! I am sure you will be excited but I imagine it will also be tough - so take your Me time!

  5. Hi from ICLW. We have DOR and MFI too and have moved into an FET with donor embryos. I just found your blog and look forward to following.

    The letter around the birth sounds bizarre, and would drive me out of my mind if I had to read receive one like it! *hug*

  6. Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to offer your side. I cannot tell you how helpful it is is to read your words, especially since you have been in my shoes for the most part.

    Great advice.

    Best wishes on this next cycle.


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