Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Ordered My Meds

I just placed my meds order.  It cost a gagging $5,365.19.  I will get some coupons for a rebate which will bring the cost down around $5,000.

I was a little nervous about how much to order because the last time I stimmed for a long time.  And it will be more difficult for me to arrange to get more meds because I will be away from home.  The nurse helped me figure out how much to order.  And she said that I can ship to my hotel room, if I need more.

Some of the relatively minor, but trickier things: A) I will need to have a fridge in my hotel room and B) I don't like cutting it close with my meds, given that they might take a few days to come in. C) The drugs are too expensive to order a lot of extra.  D) We many not need any of our extra meds again.  If we don't get any normal embryos this will be it.

I told the nurse I stimmed for a long time the last time.  I asked her if this is likely going to be indicative of this time, given that it's a much different protocol?  She said that people usually stim for 12-13 days in her experience.

Here's my cocktail.

Cetrotide - new
Clomid - new
Dexo-something-or-other - new
Novarelle (HCG)

Another step closer, to "an answer or a baby" as Dr. Schoolie said.  We're banking on it.


  1. Good luck Julia! I have everything crossed for you.

  2. Most hotels will put a mini fridge in your room (for free!) if you tell them its for medical reasons. Good luck!

  3. Your cocktail is very similar to mine (with a few extras thrown in! lol) Good luck, sending you lots of good vibes :)

  4. I stayed at the Hampton Inn and Suites by CCRM during our ODWU two weeks ago. Our room had a fridge and microwave.

  5. Hi Julia! I started following your blog as I am going through the same thing, or I guess I should say "went." After 3 IUIs, 2 egg retrievals and 6 embryos transferred, all were unsuccessful and we are out of embryos. Have you ever used They are European and much cheaper than drugs I found in the U.S. My doctor didn't have a problem with me ordering through them. Hope you have better luck than I did!

  6. Wishing you the best of luck on your cycle!

  7. One step closer and hopefully the new drugs will do the trick. Good luck!

  8. hi from ICLW...good luck!!!

  9. Ouch, that price tag hurts! I'm so glad you guys are able to do this. Thinking of you!

  10. Hi from ICLW! The med prices are insane! I really hope this works for you!!!


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