Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Good Times, Noodle Salad

I don't tend to watch the same movie over and over, but this one I have.   There's a part of the movie that D and I talk about from time to time.  

Carol: "OK, we all have these terrible stories to get over, and you---"
Melvin: "It's not true. Some have great stories, pretty stories that take place at lakes with boats and friends and noodle salad. Just no one in this car. But, a lot of people, that's their story. Good times, noodle salad. What makes it so hard is not that you had it bad, but that you're that pissed that so many others had it good."

The clip if you're interested: 

Because of this movie, D and I refer to a few people in our life as our noodle salad friends.  I'm sure you have some too.  

We especially notice our fertile noodle salad friends.  One couple in particular are teachers.  Everything major thing in their life seems good.  They worried about her fertility because she only has one ovary after a ruptured cyst.  However, when it was just the perfect time, she went off birth control and poof! She was pregnant right away with perfect timing for the school calendar.  Twice. 

It got D and I talking a while back about who the happiest people we know are.  I wonder, what makes them so happy?  Are they really happy or do they just seem happy? Who is content with exactly what they have but still is motivated?  

I feel a lot of discontentment in my life and I wonder is there something that I could learn from them?  I worry that even with children I might not feel contentment.  It's not because nothing is good in my life.  There are a lot of good things, but I am not the best at noticing them sometimes.  

The funny thing is that we both had a hard time picking people.   It seems like almost everyone has something to deal with.  I suppose when I really think of it, even my noodle salad teacher friends have a few things. 

The other people that come to mind are:

1.  My aunt.  She lives a very full life.  It's not extravagant or fancy.   She spends her summers with her hubby at her trailer with her boat on the waterfront.  She's surrounded by friends there.  She's really good at reaching out to people, especially when they are in need.  She has three grown children who are all starting out in their careers.  She volunteers with her church with the food bank.  She spends time with her elderly mother on a regular basis.  She does really generous and neat things with her time, such as catering and hosting a wedding reception at her (average) sized home for a family friend, just because she could.   She's a great cook who is not afraid of having company over, even on short notice.    

2.  A friend from my church.  She's happy-go-lucky.  She gives the best hugs, and she offers them even to people she doesn't know really well.  The laughs a lot and is very down to earth.  She posted one of those e-cards her Facebook wall the other day that said Eat. Fart. Laugh.  It made me chuckle.  She's relaxed and she is very comfortable with herself.  She doesn't judge people.  She lives in a small community and I'm sure she knows every single person there.  She volunteers a lot, but also really enjoys her career.   I think she's very in tune with her faith.  She's close with her two teenage daughters.  She's got a great husband.  I don't get the feeling they have a ton of money, but they do manage to live comfortably and travel. She loves great food.  

3.  D chose his friend.  He's a chiropractor with his own budding practice and does motivational speaking.  He's very confident.  He loves to travel with his wife.  He doesn't think they will ever have children and he's good with that.   They live in a nice home where he gardens.  

Who do you know that's really happy?  What do you think makes them that way?


  1. Oh goodness, I have a noodle salad friend. She has a trust, and her husband also has a trust, which means they don't really have to work but they do anyway. They live in an enormous house. They got pregnant the first time they tried. They have every single thing they want. But I know for a fact they're not the happiest people I know, and I try to remind myself of that when I'm down about how much she has. I don't even want most of the stuff she has! But the fact that it's so easy for her is what is frustrating.

    1. Yeah. I like to think money doesn't make life better, just maybe a little easier (sometimes).


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