Friday, 11 January 2013

My IF Breakfast

I've been trying to make a number of lifestyle changes to give this IVF our very best shot.  Mostly this means exercising, removing caffeine, being religious about taking my vitamins and eating balanced meals.

I have amped up my morning smoothie, with the super foods.  I now think it's very close to creamy frozen perfection.

I mix it up a lot of days to keep from getting bored and to provide variety the nutrients that I'm getting.  But the basic recipe goes like this:

(This makes enough for 2 smoothies)

1 banana

1 1/4 cups of frozen berries (raspberries and blueberries are my favourite).  Sometimes I use frozen pineapple or other fruit. 

A big handful of frozen kale  or a frozen "puck" of spinach. (I freeze this myself, it's really easy to do.  Just rinse, dry and freeze a large plastic container.  It will break apart easily after it's frozen.)

A few big scoops of 0% fat vanilla greek yogurt.  (3/4 of a cup has 13g of protein!)

Add enough low sugar veggie-fruit juice to make the blender go around and voila! 

I find the ice-chopping mode on my blender to be the best one to use.

I find the kale and spinach disappear in the smoothie.  The kale doesn't add any flavour that I can pick out.  The spinach adds a slightly minty taste, and I like it.

I don't add a protein powder because after a bunch of research, I am somewhat leery of them.  D is pretty much an expert on them because he was a gym rat for a lot of years.  That's a whole other story.

What are your IF-champion meals?


  1. This sounds like a delicious way to sneak kale into my diet. I have been trying to eat more of it (along with other veggies). I made kale chips and even my husband will eat them and he hates vegetables.

  2. I don't have an IF champion meal but I highly recommend trying a peanut butter banana smoothie. Frozen banana, vanilla yogurt, big spoonful of pb, and some milk to get everything moving. Tasty and healthy! You might even be able to throw your kale in there if it doesn't have much of a taste.

  3. I love these green drinks and need to get back to the habit of doing them. Thanks for the tip on freezing the greens, haven't thought of that! I usually just add water but for a breakfast one, yoghurt is a great idea.


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